Be Kind To Yourself In 2019




You survived Christmas.  Spring is coming.

You wrote and sent Christmas cards to everyone you’ve ever known…

You chose, bought and wrapped what seemed like a million presents…

You cooked the turkey, roasted the parsnips, served the Christmas pudding and mince pies…

You visited the family…

You even remembered that Auntie Glinda hates sprouts!

You were kind and generous to everyone else around you, but:

Were you kind to YOURSELF this Christmas?

Guess what? We all go a little bit crazy with the stress at this time of the year.  It’s normal.

But if you’re already feeling hassled and hustled, anxious, lonely, sad, angry, bereaved,
worried about money, work, family or relationship issues, that doesn’t change just because it’s December.

The festive period often acts as a magnifying glass that makes
everything that you normally cope with, just that bit more difficult.

Whatever is going on for you in your everyday life can seem even harder because it’s Christmas.

So, amidst all of the festive and New Year madness,
here are five ways to offer yourself some of the most important gifts of all:

contentment and peace of mind

  • You’ll cope better with the pressure if you can eat well, get some sleep and do some exercise
    — even just a little bit of each will make a big difference to how you feel
  • It’s OK to take at least a 5-minute “time-out” for yourself every day, doing something you enjoy
  • Remember: even if people ask, you don’t have to say “yes” to every request
  • When you’re worrying about the details, remind yourself that
    perfection isn’t possible for any of us— and ”good enough” really is good enough!

And, most importantly of all:

  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed or coping is difficult for you at this time of year,
    don’t suffer on your own: please talk to someone…


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