Hello, and welcome. I’m Sarah, and I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.
Perhaps you’re looking for some help to make a change in how you feel…?

*  If you’re feeling sad, or angry, guilty, lonely, anxious or misunderstood
*  If your relationships with family or friends are suffering
*  If you’re stressed or feeling overwhelmed by everything

*  If you’ve experienced a loss or bereavement
*  If you’ve been through a breakup or a setback, either recently or longer ago
*  If you’ve been abused, neglected or bullied

*  If you feel ashamed or frightened
*  If you don’t like yourself much
*  If you’re carrying issues or difficulties that stay with you from your past

… or if things have just hit a rough patch and you’re struggling to cope…

… then the chances are that talking to a counsellor could really help you find your way to feeling better.

You’ve already taken the first and bravest step of looking on this website to see what help is available.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking for a while about coming to counselling, or perhaps you’re simply just trying to find something that will help you to cope for now.

Maybe your doctor or a friend or relative has suggested you talk to someone about how you feel?

However you got here, I’d like to congratulate you on your courage, because looking for help is always a step into the unknown. It’s a great sign of strength, not weakness, to be able to ask for help when it’s needed.

Sometimes we all go through moments in life when we need the help of someone who is outside of our situation, to offer a new perspective on what we’re going through.

If that person is someone who is trained to listen, to understand and offer emotional support then that can really help you to find your way around things that may have always seemed like impossible obstacles.