Coronavirus – Message to Frontline NHS Workers

27 March 2020

Hello there

My name is Sarah and I’m a BACP-registered counsellor/psychotherapist working in Herefordshire. 

I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how grateful I am to you all for the work that you are doing during this crisis.  In my practice I have offered therapy support to many, many people who work in our health service and I am so proud of our NHS – which is, fundamentally, all of you, with your commitment, sense of duty, compassion and talents. 

We are  so lucky that we have such a thing as our NHS and now, more than ever, I wanted to offer my support to you all as you face the hardest times in your working lives.  Thank you for what you do.  You truly are the best of us, and I am so very grateful to you all.

I have been thinking about what I can do to help, just a little bit, to make things better for you, and it seems to me that you are all going to need real emotional support to help you recover after your shifts. 

Later on, many of you are probably going to need to talk about the impact this crisis will have had on you, and I know that I, and my therapeutic colleagues across the country, will be there to offer that support and processing, once the crisis has passed.

But what about right now? 

Many of you are going to need to ‘unload’ after a hard shift and share the burden that it will have placed on you.  I know that it is sometimes very difficult to do that, as you don’t want to load it on your friends and loved ones.  I know that with your colleagues you all rely on each other to get you through, and that you all support each other magnificently in that way. 

So please, I’d like to offer you the opportunity for a free “supportive listening” call.  I am only one person, but I can give you my time, care and attention, listen to what you need to say, and be there for you.  If you need to talk, cry, shout, express your fear or anger – please email to fix up a slot for a phone call.  

Obviously, there’s no charge.

Obviously, it’s confidential. 

Obviously, it’s not full-on therapy or counselling.  It’s emotional first-aid.

Talking really does help.  If you are struggling, please reach out for help, either to me or to someone.  That’s how we are going to keep you strong enough to get through this.

With my admiration, gratitude and very best wishes